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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
June 16, 2024
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Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

June skies were clear to partly cloudy with temps rising to near, or above, 90 degrees.
Winds were light to moderate most of the day.
Few of us realize what it takes to put on an event like a high power rocket launch.
TRIPOLI Pittsburgh President Joe Pscolka stores and hauls all of the equipment necessary for flying. Thanks Joe!
John Haught got the club new high power rails and clips for the launch pads for the June launch. Thanks John!
And the rest of the chain gang helps set up the pads, signs, tents and the last little bits to get things started.
Casey Andre is always willing to carry two peoples worth.
"No, that one is 7, this one is 8!" says Kian Kissinger.
Scott Kissinger and Joe Pscolka bolt together the Super Tower for Scott's big Atomic Pile Driver launch.
The Tower usually requires two people to bolt it together and six to watch and say things like "Is it supposed to point that way?"
Bins, bins and more bins. Not all of the equipment can be hauled in bins but there sure are a lot of them.
Jerry Andre schleps a bin while Casey and the rest empty bins.
Setting up.....
In the Pits.....
Rob Camele sets up his pit and readies his Loony Tunes.
"Barney!", Jerry Andre quips when asked the name of his new rocket.
Barney is in fact called Alien Raider and is out for its maiden flight on a J motor.
The Raider is designed for multiple motor configurations: clustered, air start or single motor as was tested here today.
John Haught beats the heat under his tent waiting for the start of the launch day.
Scott and Kian Kissinger ready the Atomic Pile Driver for flight off of the Super Tower later.
More about Scotts Level 3 rocket and Certification flight here.
When it comes to bins, few can compete with Ken Allen of Performance Rocketry.
Ken brings us all of our last minute motors, shock cords and other parts that we forgot.
Thanks Ken!
Jeff Dick broght a tent this month.
New TRIPOLI members, Brian and Emmett White prepare thier Kronos rocket while Joe Pscolka provides some advice before Brian's Level 1 Certification flight.
Now that everything is setup, Let's get flying.....
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