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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh - Dragon's Fire Field
399 East Riverside Rd.
Adah PA
TRIPOLI Pittsburgh's Dragon's Fire Field is located about an hour south of Pittsburgh in Fayette county.  The Rangehead is located at the top of the hill on more than 250 acres.
Ample parking space is provided.
All Tripoli Pittsburgh launches are considered Research Launches under International Tripoli Rules. 
At Research Launches, Research Motors may be flown only by Tripoli Members holding a level 2 certification or higher.
Commercial motors, being motors manufactured by a Commercial Entity and Certified by the Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc., may be flown by persons holding a NAR membership and young rocketry enthusiasts of nearly any age.
All ground support equipment is supplied by Tripoli Pittsburgh so all you need to bring are your rockets, motors and personal supplies.
Almost all of our launches are attended by at least one distributor/vendor, as a much appreciated convenience, if you need to purchase last minute motors and kits.
In late 2019 and early 2020 clearing work was completed on the areas shown below with a loaned bull dozer and immense amounts of time by Joe Pscolka.
In mid 2020 a large John Deere tractor was loaned to TRIPOLI Pittsburgh and clearing/mowing was completed in a 5-10 acre area around the range head. Unfortunately we only had it for a single day.

Early 2021 brings the acquistion of a DR Pro 44T, Pull-behind brush hog mower for field work.
The DR has a 16.5 HP engine, 44" cutting deck and can be pulled behind a variety of vehicles.
Later 2021 Luck shined again with generous donations from a number of members and the purchase of this Ford 1910 Tractor.
The Ford has a 32 HP Diesel engine with a 60" Belly mower deck and can easily pull the DR as well as other attachments currently under investigation.
GPS Coodinates:
39.93534, -79.92406