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The George Pike Frequent Flyer Award is given to the TRIPOLI Pittsburgh flyer with the most flights over the course of the season at the Dragon's Fire Field.
The top finishers for the 2023 George Pike Award:
October 2022 Launch Report here. 
2022 was a Big Year!
June 2022 launch report.... here!
September 2022 Launch Report here!
Kevin Wuchevich*
Jerry Andre*
John Haught**
Rob Camele**
Joe Psolka**
Casey Andre
Dave Ratliff

August 2022 Launch Report here!
July 2022 Launch Report here.
This is the Life We Have Chosen.
Launch Report for August 2023 here.
See the Launch Report for September 2023 here.
John Haught's Sumo flies on an N-3303
* Ineligible due to previous win
** Ineligible club officer
Congratulations Casey!

Casey Andre, winner of the 2023 George Pike Frequent Flyer Award loads his rack with rockets
2024 Launch Schedule
Next Upcoming Event:
Sunday August 18, 2024
TRIPOLI Pittsburgh's first ever November 2023 Launch saw the biggest crowd watch the biggest rockets fly!
ARC flyers, Certifications, and the first N motor in years all were showcased in November.
See the Launch Report for November 2023  here.
Great May!
Flying conditions were perfect for the Opening Day launch in May.
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New Contest!
Mile High Club
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Big November!
Cluster F#(% June!
John Haught's Holy Cow lifts off on a mighty cluster of motors at the June 2024 Launch.
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Hit the Sky July!
The weather in July was near perfect for flying rockets.
Launch Report coming soon!