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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
June 16, 2024
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Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

Brian and his son Emmett White are new members of TRIPOLI Pittsburgh.
They flew thier Kronos rocket at the May launch on a G motor and returned in June for Brian to complete his Level 1 Certification flying it on an H motor.
Take note of Emmett's t-shirt. We think he'll go far in rocketry with that attitude.
Brian and Emmett White
New to TRIPOLI Pittsburgh but not new to rocketry as the assortment of beauties seems to indicate around the pits of Brian and Emmett White.
"Emmett is the brains behind all of this", Brian says with a grin.
The Kronos takes to the air on an H-107 Dark Matter sparky motor.
Notice the spray of sparks in the shot at right. Impressive!
Brian's Kronos flight was recovered successfully for a completion of his Level 1 Certification.
Congrats Brian!
Another of the White fleet heads upward off of the low power pads.
A sweet 2 stager of Emmett's lifts off below and the second stage ignites in the shot at right.
Emmett and Brian give directions to the driver.
"It's about that way", says Emmett, pointing down the hill and in the brush. Brush is an understatement these days.
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We at TRIPOLI Pittsburgh would like to extend our welcome to Brian and Emmett White and hope they'll have a lot of flying fun with us in the years to come!