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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
June 16, 2024
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Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

Ernie Walter's Mosquito off the low power pads.
Kevin Wuchevich with the McCullough's Racing memorial rocket from the collection of Doug McCullough.
Kevin flew it on an Aerotech H-250. The top and bottom separated and only the top was recovered. The bottom remains in the brush.
Doug McCullough was a member of TRIPOLI Pittsburgh who loved his cluster rockets.
Doug had an infectious laugh and a passion for anything that went fast. Unfortunately Doug passed on in 2018.
The rocket that Doug is holding in the picture is currently in Kevin's vast collection.
Photo c. 2010.
Rob Camele's Mega Initiater on a sparky motor off of the high power pads.
Gary Sluser's big yellow rocket also off of the high power pads.
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