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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
June 16, 2024
Page 9
Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

Rob Camele not only serves as the Treasurer of TRIPOLI Pittsburgh, he also shows up regularly with an assortment of rockets ready to go.
At about 8' in length, Rob's Looney Tunes towers over all in the pits.
Notice the grin on Rob's face. Heh heh heh.
Rob Camele
Rob's assistant helps to load the Loony Tunes onto the transporter for hauling to the high power pads.
The red flame from the Aerotech K-1275 Redline motor is clearly visible upon launch.
Hitting the sky early in the day at 11:49 am meant that the winds were lighter and the sky had just a little wisp of clouds here and there.
Daffy and Porky topped out at about 2500'
As Rob installs the igniter we can see how Looney Tunes got its name.
The main charge separates the rocket from the nose cone  (left) and the two recover under their own parachutes (below).
A near picture perfect flight of the Looney Tunes puts a smile on Rob's face.
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