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Launch Report
June 16, 2024
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Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

The Kissinger crew returns with the Pile Driver just before the launch day ended. A long journey to locate the rocket proved to be a challenging recovery.
Scott and his son Kian went north once the Pile Driver hit the ground but found that it had drifted over a mile away and onto private grounds and was surrounded by a pack of wolves.
A number of hours passed until permission could be secured and the Pile Driver could be recovered. The wolves turned out to be a couple of the neighbors dogs.
The altitude of the Pile Driver was recorded at 4,664' putting Scott Kissinger at the top of the Mile High Club leaderboard.
Even surly Joe thanks you.
And Thanks Joe!
Scott Kissinger
Pile Driver
Casey Andre
Big Nuke
John Haught
Kian Kissinger
Falcon 5
Current Mile High Club leaderboard:
And so we bid goodbye to June and look forward to July.
Don't forget that the July launch is a two day event, Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21 with a waiver for night launches Saturday.
TRIPOLI Pittsburgh would like to thank everyone who comes out to fly and especially everyone who helps out with the equipment and putting on the show! Even if you only come out to watch, you are greatly appreciated!
Ken Allen continues his work even when at the field. While Ken doesn't get to fly much more, he keeps us in motors and all of the other parts that we need but forgot to bring.
Check out Ken's website at and let him know if you need anything so he can bring it along to the next launch.
And Thanks Ken!
The End.
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