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Launch Report
June 16, 2024
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Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

June had not one but two Big Nuke rockets take to the air.
Big Nukes
Sam Bartle and his assistant with his LOC Big Nuke check in at the RSO station prepping for his Level 2 Certification flight.
Joe Pscolka checks out Sam's Nuke before taking it to the high power pads.
Sam and his assistant load up the Big Nuke for launch.
Taking to the air on a J-250.
Casey Andre brought out his Big Nuke for June. Casey's Nuke has flown a number of times at the Dragon's Fire Field and has been featured in previous launch reports as a reliable show pleaser. See this page for more.....
While we don't have any parachute pictures of Sam Bartle's Big Nuke, Sam was able to recover it and complete his Level 2 Certification.
Nice Job Sam!
Casey Andre's Big Nuke streaking skyward.
What a nice smoke trail into the hot, blue sky!
The main charge fires to bring out the parachute.
The parachute of Casey's Big Nuke hangs over the field.
Recovery was easier than in May and didn't require any drone assistance.
Nice flight Casey!
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