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Launch Report
June 16, 2024
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Flyers: 17
Flights: 43

Scott Kissinger hauled out his big Pile Driver rocket that he used for his Level 3 re-certification flight back in November of last year (2023).
Scott Kissinger - Pile Driver
Getting a rocket such as the Pile Driver into the air is no trivial matter. Having a son willing to climb the super tower helps.
Ya still gotta get that thing painted Scott!
Scott Kissinger watches his Pile Driver take to the sky on a white M motor that he mixed up himself.
The size of the Pile Driver and its large 120" parachute is deceptive as Scott watches it drift north. Its size makes it appear to be coming down behind the hill while it is in fact nearly a mile away.
See the last page of this launch report for the final outcome......
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