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Launch Report
November 5, 2023
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Flyers: 29
Flights: 68

Scott's Shockwave even makes the garage look small.
Scott upscaled a kit known as the SubAtomic PileDriver for his Level 3 design.
Level 3 Certification - Scott Kissinger

Scott Kissinger had certified Level 3 many years ago but allowed his certifications to lapse. Scott had completed his L1 and L2 re-certs in the last couple of years and was eager to finish his L3.

The Atomic Shockwave
Diameter: 7.5"
Length: 156"
Weight (w/motor): 52 lbs.
Motor: Aerotech M-1297 White
Altitude: 3,500' (estimate)
Parachute: 144" Hemispherical
Main Airframe:
Fiberglass wrapped LOC tubing
Photo:Dan Heinlen
Photo:Ken Allen
The hole blown into the ground by Scott's motor
Scott had a slight tangle issue with the parachute but because the rocket was recovered undamaged he passed his certification
Scott's beautiful flight into a beautiful sky
Scott and his son Kian haul the Shockwave out to the away cell tower
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