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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
September 16,17, 2023
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Flyers: 19
Flights: 45

While Sunday's weather kept most people huddled under thier tents, a few rockets did manage to head for the rainy clouds.
The low power pads were busy on Sunday during breaks in the rain.
Andy Phillips gets some advice from Joe Pscilka before launching his Arcas on an H-165 Redline.
Andy spent a fair amount of time searching for the Arcas before locating it but did finally find it in the tall, wet brush behind the high power pads.
Congrats Andy on a successful Level 1 Certification.
Ken Allen adjusts his tent for the impending weather. Fortunately he has everything in plastic bins.
A few made it off the high power pads as well.
WVU students huddle around the RSO table discussing their upcoming flights.
Even though Sunday's weather was a dumper, the fantastic conditions on Saturday made the weekend a success.
Not only were there some great flights from the veterans of TRIPOLI Pittsburgh, a number of newer members completed certifications also.
Nice job folks and here is to more rocket action in the coming months!
Page 8
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