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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
September 16,17, 2023
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Flyers: 19
Flights: 45

Early Sunday morning the Blimp was sighted at the Allegheny County Airport just sitting on the ground.
Those who stayed late on Saturday were treated with a sight as the Goodyear Blimp flew directly over the launch site.
Jerry and Casey Andre return to the pits after setting up thier rocket.
....And go back after a misfire.
Because all TRIPOLI Pittsburgh events are Research launches and because TRIPOLI Pittsburgh members push the boundaries of rocketry to develop new technologies, occurances such as this are bound to happen.
Or maybe its just one of Kevin's motors from the 1980's.
Rob Camele's Madcow 4" AGM 54 lifts off on a CTI J-600 Red Lightning.  The AGM attained an altitude of 2,100'.
And because Rob had a Featherweight GPS tracker in his rocket, he and the recovery crew were able to locate it without much searching.
Rob did however return to the pits with more Klingon's than all of the episodes of Star Trek put together.
Page 7
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