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Launch Report
September 16,17, 2023
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Flyers: 19
Flights: 45

John Haught returned in September with a couple of big rockets to send into the clear blue.
Here John watches his Super Skunk lift off on a 54mm J-400 cocktail. According to John it was a mix of propellants consisting of two Red Bull grains with a Blue Moon on top.
John Haught
John collects the Super Skunk from the Golden Rod and brush.
The sparky motor below and left is known as Shit Fire propellant, one of John Haught's specialties. Here it propels John's IQSY Tomahawk in an M-1499 to around 3,800 feet.
The Blue Iguana (launch at left) is a 2.6" rocket flying on a 38mm I-305 Ramcat (Catocene fast burn). The Iguana topped out at 3,200' and was a little bit of a problem for John to locate once it was on the ground.
John headed out to the brush with a good line in mind. He tromped back and forth for nearly an hour before returning to the pits empty handed.
Then he called in the drone crew.
The Drone lifts off from the pits.
And flies towards the suspected location....
The Drone locates the Blue Iguana 24 seconds after take off.
With the help of Joe Pscolka, John Haught pulls the Blue Iguana out of the brush about 2 minutes later.
Page 6
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