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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
September 16,17, 2023
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Flyers: 19
Flights: 45

Rick Shubert and Dave Ratliff watch the action.
Rick Shubert watches his Purple People Eater lift off for his Level 2 certification attempt.
Rick flew the People Eater for his L1 Cert during the 2022 season and made some modifications for the L2 flight. He added 3D printed drag inducing devices (white shapes on the bottom of the fins) for this flight.
While the People Eater came down in the trees, recovery was successful and Rick attained his Level 2 Certification.
Congratulations Rick!
Joe Pscolka is frequently embarassed by this guy with the thing on his head.
"I dunno who let him in the club but whoever it was should be smacked", Joe was heard muttering.
Kevin Wuchevich's Snoopy's Doghouse takes off on a G-80 from the low power pads.
Kevin Wuchevich walks about 10 steps to retrieve the Doghouse.
"Snoopy was a good boy today", said Kevin.
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