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Launch Report
September 16,17, 2023
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Flyers: 19
Flights: 45

Yellow Mango - Jerry Andre

Winner of the 2022 George Pike award, Jerry Andre shows us all how to do it with his Yellow Mango. A 4" diameter rocket with air started motors and an onboard camera (see pics at left).
Jerry designed the Mango himself and it will fly in a number of different configurations. According to Jerry, "The Yellow Mango, formerly the Yellow Snout, is 7.5 feet tall and weighs 8 lbs without engines. It can be flown as a single stage with one or two airstarts or as the upper stage of a two stage rocket. It has flown to over 4,000 feet and has 17 flights. The most recent flight (here in the photos) was on an I-284 main engine and airstarting two G-76 engines to 2,186 feet."
Jerry shoots some pics as the Yellow Mango lifts off on an I-284 motor.
After the I-284 motor burns out, a pair of G-76 motors ignite.
The Yellow Mango under parachute.
Jerry gives the Mango a close inspection to see if all of the motors ignited (they had indeed fired).
Once again Jerry Andre demonstrates his excellent rocket flying (and building/design) abilities. Nice job Jer!
The Mango back on the ground less than 50' from the launch poiint.
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