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Rocket Profile
This is the first in a series of pages/documents that will profile particular, individual rockets.
Red Dragon
The Red Dragon rocket was originally a Tripoli Pittsburgh group project for BALLS 19, sponsored by Curtis Turner of Performance Rocketry. The build team consisted of Tom Blazanin, Dave Rose, George Pike, Christine Rial, and myself.
The rocket flew successfully at BALLS 19, boosting on a 152mm, NASSA O4760, burning NASSA White propellant. I believe it went to a little over 18,000'.
Two years ago I decided to rescue the rocket from Tom's musty, moldy shed where it had lived for quite a few years. Once I got it to my shop, I discovered several desiccated mice as well as a bird inside one of the body tubes. The rocket was filthy and smelled strongly of mildew. I took all the parts outside and sprayed them inside and out with bleach, afterward I pressure washed away the filth.
I completely rebuilt the electronics bay, trashed the old motor mount and installed a new 152mm motor mount. Next, I built a 98mm motor mount adapter.  I then removed the old nose cone bulkhead, installed a full length 3" dia. payload bay and electronics sled, then installed a new bulkhead with new hard points.
The rocket is 8" in diameter, 133.5" in length, and weighs 89 pounds without a motor.
First flight after the resurrection was on a 98mm NASSA M1533, burning NASSA Violet propellant, to an altitude of 4,300' at the September 2021 launch.