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Rocket Profile - Fair Warning
Joe Shepard completed his Level 3 Certification flight on May 16, 2021 at the TRIPOLI Pittsburgh Dragons Fire Field, seen at right with his rocket, Fair Warning.
 "As an engineering student at West Virginia University, I was given the opportunity to join the Experimental Rocketry Club. This set me down the path to get my Level 3 Certification. To me getting this certification unlocks the next step for me in my rocketry career. I now have the ability to focus heavily on the experimental side of rocketry, having gotten experience with both my L3 rocket and other more complex projects. I also have a better ability to teach others about rocketry and pass on the knowledge that was shared with me during this process."
 "The rocket was 7.67" in diameter and was 11 foot tall and was a whopping 59 pounds. It was flown on a disposable Aerotech M1350 motor. The flight featured a dual deploy setup that was controlled by a missile works rrc3 and a perfectflite stratologger Cf. The recovery system relied on a 12 inch drouge and an 8ft BAMA Recovery Systems Conical VPD Chute. There was also a Big Red Bee 2m High Power Gps transmitter on board. This allowed me to track the rocket to its exact location, which was just under a mile away. The rocket hit an altitude of 3888 ft agl as confirmed by both altimeters."
Level 3 Certification