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Launch Report August 16, 2020
A beautiful day way enjoyed by all for the TRIPOLI Pittsburgh August launch. Clear skys gave way to a cloud celing that rolled in around noon.
"Lines at the entry gate were no problem", remarked one flier.

Steve Howard returns with his veteran Giant Leap Talon 4.
With the paint job finished and the graphics from Dave Rose, this bird is looking mighty fine. And flying even better as can be seen in these launch photos.
This 4" diameter rocket flew on an (motor needed) to an altitude of just over (altitude needed)'. A PerfectFlite MAWD deployed a 48" spherachute.
This rocket has over 40 flights, according to Steve. He added, "This was my Level 2 cert rocket back ten years ago."
Temp: 82 F
Winds: Light and Variable
Fliers: 11
Flights: 35

Rocket Rob Camile looks a little smug as his (rocket name needed) makes its return, landing about 40' from the launch pad.
Rocket Rob had a number of great flights on Sunday.

More to come.....

Holder of the world record for packing the most plastic bins in the back of a truck, Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies made his appearance. "A 54mm two grain case?", Ken was heard saying as he disappeared into his mobile stock, climbing out minutes later case in hand.
Dave Ratliff flew his (rocket name needed) with a camera strapped to the booster.