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Recovery Challenge Contest
We have all heard it, "Boo Hoo Hoo.... my rocket that cost me $2217.54 and a year and a half to build is 278 feet up in a tree that is surrounded by bears."
We at FMV Research say: That is our own fault. (well... not the bears)
Let's not forget that every single rocket flight has two parts, the up part and the down part.
We are all pretty good at the up part. Many of us have the ability to build rockets and motors to achieve altitudes to, or above, our waiver of 14,000 feet.
How many of us are as good at the down part of any flight? Ask the guys in the tree with the bears.
Thats what this challenge is all about:
Active Recovery Systems.
Dual deployment systems are great, but we are still at the mercy of the winds and the environment. We need better. We can do better.
While not all TRIPOLI members are Professional Rocket Scientists, we all Practice Rocket Science. So let's practice some rocket science and develop an Active Recovery System.
This is not a "closest to the pin" type of contest. This is to develop a system that can navigate itself back home.
The contest will open at the first launch of 2020 and will run until a system is successfully demonstrated at the Dragon's Fire Field.
Further rules/legalities will follow soon....
Cash Prize
Increased for 2022 season!
Additional Prize package containing: 
Runcam Action camera
RRC3 altimeter
Custom FMV Parachute
T-Shirts and Graphics
and more!