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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh Launch Report 2019
2019 was a good year for launches at the Dragon's Fire field in Adah, PA.
There were a total of 26,344 flights in 2019 (exact number yet to be tabulated) by 1,304 flyers (also yet to tabulate).
New Members: ??
The West Virginia University Experimental Rocketry Team (WVUER) had a number of members certify level 1 and did some crucial testing for their entry in the America's Challenge Competition.
The capper of the season was the test fire of the teams O motor. Initial captured data indicated that the motor produced over 33,000 N of force.
The West Virginia University Experimental Rocketry Team (WVUER) O motor test fire.
The O motor

The team at FMV Research flew numerous flights testing out new 3D printed systems such as the Arrowhead payload (at left), with dual HD cameras and flight computer.
The Top Secret payload project, code named Alphabet Soup (at right) experiences an "unscheduled deployment" according to sources. No further comments were given.

More to come soon....