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TRIPOLI Pittsburgh
Launch Report
May 19, 2024
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Flyers: 14
Flights: 39

The opening launch of the 2024 season was greeted by beautiful weather and calm winds.
After the usual issues with the launch system, rocket action was underway.
The Grandfather of TRIPOLI high power rocketry, Francis Graham TRA# 0001 loads up the first rocket of the day, Sidekick with a pair of C6-5 motors on the low power pads.
Ok, so Francis needs to re-check the igniters.....
New flyers Brian and Emmett White with thier Kronos rocket. The Whites came out for the May launch flying some real beauties.
The Kronos heads skyward on an G-74 in the shot below.
Early winds were dead calm as the TRIPOLI Pittsburgh members filed into the Dragon's Fire Field. Temeratures were warmer than usual for May and by noon-time were in the low 80's.
New members came out to fly along with the seasoned veterans. And anyone who didn't fly missed out on one of the best days!
Joe Pscolka and Mark Czerner setup the big tent while Casey Andre readies the RSO tent.
Veteran TRIPOLI Pittsburgh flyer John Haught heads to the RSO table with his Wild Thing Jr .
More about John on the coming pages....
After another attempt, Francis needs to check the motors.....
And what the hell is this thing?
More on following pages....
Rick Shubert brings out the doughnuts. Yummy!
Thanks Rick!
The official count at the end of the day was 39 flight cards. There was however an issue in that we ran out of flight cards during the launch so the official count is likely low.
A big stack of flight cards have been printed for June and we'll not have the same problem again.
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